Clarke CB09-6/12 4A Auto Battery Charger/Maintainer – 9 Stage


6/12V 4A Auto battery charger/maintainer – This vehicle charger automatically performs the charging function in 9 stages. The first 5 stages perform diagnostics and recovery depending on the condition of the battery. After recovery, a bulk charge brings the battery up to approximately 80% of capacity. This stage is followed by a low current charge up to almost 100% capacity. The final maintenance or conditioning stage will pulse low charging current, cycling between trickle and maintenance modes to keep the battery in top condition over a long period, The charger can be left connected to the battery in order to perform this maintenance function.


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  • LED Selectable modes; Motorcycle, car, winter, 6V, Calcium
  • Suitable for 6V/12V Lead Acid batteries including SLA, WET, AGM, VRLA and Lead calcium
  • Reverse polarity and overload protected
  • Includes battery clamp connectors, ring terminal lead and auxiliary power (cigar lighter) adaptor
  • For use with 6V/12V lead acid batteries up to 80Ah