Clarke CHT749 Diesel Engine Setting/Locking Tool Set


This engine setting/locking tool set is an essential service tool for a wide range of models from various manufacturers. Suitable for use with multiple engines fitted to a variety of models, this handy set ensures that the engine timing is locked or set correctly before, during and after engine repair by locking and holding the camshaft, crankshaft, flywheel and HP pump in the timed position. This is vital for ensuring your engine runs properly. If an engines timing is in correct, damage to valves, pistons, heads and much more can occur, which can have terminal effects.
Compatible Engine Codes: 1.4D HDi: DV4C(8HR), DV4TD(8HT), DV4TD(8HW), DV4TD(8HX), DV4TD (8HZ), DV4TED(8HS), DV4TED4(8HV), DV4TED4(8HX), DV4TED4 (8HY) – 1.4D DDiS: 8HY (DV4) – 1.4D D04D: 2WZ-TV – 1.4D TDCi: F6JA, F6JB, F6JC, F6JD – 1.6D HDi:DV6ATED4(9HX), DV6AUTED4(9HX), DV6BTED4(9HT), DV6BTED4(9HW), DV6BUTED4(9HT), DV6C(9HL), DV6C(9HR), DV6D(9HP), DV6DTED(9HJ), DV6DTED(9HP), DV6ETED(9HN), DV6TED4(9HV), DV6TED4(9HW), DV6TED4(9HX), DV6TED4(9HY), DV6TED4(9HZ), DV6TED4B(9HS), DV6TED4B(9HV), DV6TED4BU(9HS), DV6UTED4(9HX) – 1.6D TDCi/ECOnetic: G8DD, GPDA,HHDA, HHDB, HHJA, HHJB, HHJC, HHJD, HHJE, HHJF, TZJA – 1.6D: Y6, MZ-CD – 1.6D DDiS: 9HX – 1.6D/DRIVe: D4162T, D4164T


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