Clarke JSM300 Multifunction Micro Jumpstart/Portable Device Charger Power Pack


This amazingly small and lightweight portable lithium – ion power bank with inbuilt torch weights only 500g (without leads). It will jump start a flat car battery making it perfect for emergency situations. In addition it provides USB 5V device charging for mobile phones, cameras etc. plus 12V accessory and 19V laptop computer power outputs. An ideal device to keep in your vehicle. Starts diesel engines up to 3 litres and petrol engines up to 6 litres.


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  • Can be used approx. 20 times on a single charge (depends on age and condition of battery)

  • Vehicle jumpstart output: Starting current 300A, Peak current 500A

  • 12Ah Lithium ion batteries with very low charge cycle requiring only approx 6monthly recharge if not used

  • 12V vehicle jumpstart output with LED connection status smart lead

  • 2 x 5V USB output with 4-in-1 device adaptor cable; 30pin dock (apple), Lightening (apple), mini and micro USB to suit most mobile phone connectors

  • Selectable 12V/10A and 19V/3.5A dc outputs with 8 adaptor plugs for use with laptop computers and other devices/accessories

  • Includes vehicle aux power outlet (cigarette lighter) and mains chargers. Supplied in convenient zipped storage bag
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