Clarke Coarse Grain Soda Blast Abrasive (7.5kg)


This soda blast abrasive is for use with sand blasters & cabinets. The softness of the material is perfect for more delicate cleaning without causing unwanted damage and is suitable for a wide range of cleaning and blasting applications including cleaning body shop panels, boat hulls, manufacturing equipment, food processing equipment and more. Commonly used for classic car restoration as it will not etch glass or damage body work, this coarse grain blast abrasive also leaves a rust inhibitor once applied. It is also ideal for brick and stone work restoration as the softness of the soda will clean without damaging weak mortar. It is also very effective for treating fire & smoke damaged areas and mould removal as it cleans and deodorises. This abrasive isn’t just a great cleaner it’s environmentally friendly too, leaving no mess as it washes away with water.


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  • For use with sandblasters and sandblasting cabinets

  • For a wide range of applications

  • Provides delicate, effective cleaning without risk of damage

  • 7.5kg Tub
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