DᴇWALT® DXAM2250 Centrifugal Air Mover


Built with multiple speeds for powerful airflow and versatile blower positioning which suits various cleaning and decorating applications, the DᴇWALT® DXAM2250 is a must-have for any tradesman.

Perfect for drying wet floors, shampooed carpets, plastered walls and ceilings, and other cleaning, decorating, or construction jobs.

  • 3 versatile speed settings for powerful airflow
  • 3 different blowing postions, Horizontal / 45° / 90°, for easy positioning and faster drying by directing air where needed most
  • Portable design with ergonomic handle for easy movement
  • DᴇWALT® 3 Year Warranty


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ITEM NO. 08005
Input Supply: 230v (13A)
Motor Power: 130w (0.17hp)
Working Air Flow: 236ltr/sec
Cable Length: 3mtr
Product Dimensions (HxWxD): 300 x 290 x 200mm
Product Weight: 5.00 kg