SIP 5pc Dust Collector Adaptor Set


The SIP 5pc Dust Collector Adaptor Set is perfect for accommodating both SIP Dust Collectors and the SIP 50ltr Dust & Chip Collector, offering 5 adaptor rings that can increase or decrease the 100m hose inlet to your required size quickly and securely.

Ideal for home, trade, and professional-grade applications.

  • Increases or decreases standard 100mm hose inlet
  • Adapts to 105mm, 70mm, 45mm, 40mm, and 35mm sizes
  • Easily adjust your SIP machine to your needs
  • Perfect for the SIP Dust Collectors range


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ITEM NO. 01935
Standard Inlet Size: ⌀ 100mm
Adaptor 1 (35mm): O/⌀ 34.4mm / I/⌀ 28.8mm (Inlet) / O/⌀ 34.4mm / I/⌀ 29.6mm (Outlet)
Adaptor 2 (40mm): O/⌀ 38.8mm / I/⌀ 35.3mm (Inlet) / O/⌀ 38.8mm / I/⌀ 35.2mm (Outlet)
Adaptor 3 (45mm): O/⌀ 44.7mm / I/⌀ 40.3mm (Inlet) / O/⌀ 61.3mm / I/⌀ 57.3mm (Outlet)
Adaptor 4 (70mm): O/⌀ 68mm / I/⌀ 62.7mm (Inlet) / O/⌀ 96.6mm / I/⌀ 92.6mm (Outlet)
Adaptor 5 (105mm): O/⌀ 99.3mm / I/⌀ 93.8mm (Inlet) / O/⌀ 103.2mm / I/⌀ 98.7mm (Outlet)
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