SIP 80ltr Suction Oil Draine with Inspection Chamber


The SIP 80ltr Suction Oil Drainer with Inspection Chamber is designed to collect waste and excess engine oil, transmission fluid and more from engines, gearboxes or assemblies in maintenance or servicing applications in garage or workshop environments.

A large 20ltr collection tray allows easy emptying into the wheel and castor-mounted 80ltr collection tank from which the fluid can then be disposed of safely. This drainer is also built with a heavy-duty 11ltr Perspex inspection chamber to monitor the fluid level.

  • Collects waste oil or fluids from vehicle components
  • 80ltr heavy-duty steel collection tank and 20ltr tray
  • 11ltr Perspex inspection chamber for monitoring fluid
  • Versatile 1190mm to 1810mm adjustable height range
  • Wheel and castor-mounted for simple positioning
  • Oil level indicator tube on the oil reservoir
  • SIP 2-YEAR


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ITEM NO. 03722
Operation Type: SUCTION / GRAVITY
Collection Tank Capacity: 80ltr
Collection Tray Capacity: 20ltr
Chamber Capacity: Perspex 11ltr
Discharge Pressure: 10psi (0.7bar) – 15psi (1bar)
Extraction Pressure: 87psi (6bar) – 145psi (10bar)
Air Inlet: 1/4″
Working Temperature: 40°C – 60°C
Min. Adjustable Height: 1500mm
Max. Adjustable Height: 1810mm
Wheel Mounted: 2x wheels / 2x castors
Product Weight: 31.00 kg