SIP AUTOPLUS ECO 180 MIG/ARC Inverter Welder w/ SIP Large Cylinder Welding Trolley


The SIP AUTOPLUS EC0 180 MIG Inverter Welder is a dual process inverter welder designed for use in automotive environments and sheet metal applications. This package deal with complete with a 05719 SIP Large Cylinder Welding Trolley.

Compliant with Reg EU 2019/1784 (Eco Design for Welding Equipment), the powerful inverter technology can perform gas and gasless MIG and ARC welding tasks for outstanding versatility.

With superior ARC stability for greater welding control and reduced spatter, this AUTOPLUS delivers great performance for an assured weld in demanding applications.

  • Complete with 05719 SIP Large Cylinder Welding Trolley
  • Dual Gas/Gasless MIG and ARC welding functions
  • Infinitely variable output adjustment for control
  • Dual LED display panel shows both volts and amps
  • Compact and portable design with carry handle
  • Supplied with torch and accessories
  • SIP 2-YEAR


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Input Supply: 230v (16A)
Output Current: 30A – 180A (MIG) / 30A – 150A (ARC)
Output Voltage: 15.5v – 23v (MIG) / 21.2v – 26v (ARC)
Duty Cycle: 180A @ 15% (MIG) / 150A @ 20% (ARC)
Electrode Diameter: ⌀ 1.6mm, 2mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4mm
Wire Diameter: ⌀ 0.6mm – 1mm
Wire Spool Size: 0.7kg – 5kg
Protection Level: IP21S
Insulation Class: Class F
Net Weight: WELDER: 11.00kg / TROLLEY: 16.00kg
Gross Weight: WELDER: 13.49kg / TROLLEY: 18.00kg
Product Dimensions: WELDER: 440(H) x 195(W) x 280mm(D) / TROLLEY: 1140(H) x 490(W) x 550mm(D)
Packaged Dimensions: WELDER: 565(H) x 270(W) x 405mm(D) / TROLLEY: 1190(H) x 540(W) x 600mm(D)
Product Dimensions (HxWxD): 440 (WELDER) / 1140 (TROLLEY) x 195 (WELDING) / 490 (TROLLEY) x 280 (WELDER) / 550 (TROLLEY)mm
Product Weight: 11.00 (WELDER) / 16.00 (TROLLEY) kg