SIP FIREBALL Turbofan 3001 Electric Fan Heater


The SIP FIREBALL Turbofan 3001 Electric Fan Heater is perfect for heating small workshops, garages, shops and offices. It’s compact and lightweight design offers great portability when needed most in the colder months.

  • Variable heat power settings
  • Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) technology
  • Compact and lightweight design for great portability
  • Powder-coated steel body with painted finish
  • SIP 2-YEAR


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ITEM NO. 09215
Input Voltage: 230v (13A)
Output Power: 25w / 1400w / 2800w
Settings: Fan: 25w / Heat: 1400w (4,777BTU/hr) / Heat: 2800w (9,554BTU/hr)
Heating Area: 73mtr³/hr
Fuse Rating: 13A
IP Rating: IP20
Product Dimensions (HxWxD): 290 x 265 x 210mm
Product Weight: 2.85 kg