SIP Inverter Plasma Ceramic Shield


The SIP Ceramic Shield provides effective and reliable protection against sparks, spatter and debris from damaging plasma torches and nozzles, as well as helping to prevent contamination. Suitable for SIP HG400, HG500 and HG700 Inverter Plasmas.

  • High-quality ceramic shield to protect against high temperatures
  • Prevents spatter, sparks and debris from damaging torch and nozzle
  • Reduces potential contamination of cutting area for high precision
  • Designed for SIP HG400, HG500, HG700 Inverter Plasmas
  • Convenient and superb value-for-money


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ITEM NO. 05007
Component Type: Ceramic Shield
Nozzle Diameter: Ø 1.7mm
Suitable For: 05785 / 05787 / 05789
Product Weight: 0.10 kg